Monday, October 15, 2007


This is a throwback to a previous post on my original blog. .

Anyway, I'm feeling rich. Loaded even..

I had tons and tons of stuff in my queue to go to AH and sell, and it all sold this weekend. I ended up making well over 100g. Now this particular event has put me at almost 400g. Now remember that at 70 I need to be able to get my flying mount for.. 900g. So I'm almost halfway there and I am just at level 63!

I realize that epic flyer is MUCH more expensive.. BUT first things first. Really I'm not so sure I NEED a epic flyer. I don't NEED a epic land mount. I want one really bad, but even now as I think I can almost BUY my epic ground mount, I don't do it. The only real reason I am bothering with THAT is that its (IMO) the best looking ground mount in the game (dreadsteed, FTW!). I have almost no intentions of paying the big gold to get the great mount.. I will eventually I am sure, but I just can't see paying 6k gold for a mount that just goes faster than before. Being a caster, I don't buy too much equipment wise, cause I don't NEED great equipment. I seem to do okay though with gear. I stay in good blues.. and my damage is really good (for my level, I think anyway).

I want my flying mount NOW though. I want it because I want to fly around, and because I need to get the hang of it before I win the arena group and get my ultra uber cool PvP dragon mount. Yeah, thats right... I'm winning it. Don't stand in my way, or you'll regret it! Particularly the 2v2 arena looks best to me, I haven't seen any class that could beat me 1:1 before, except those stupid shaman. Anyway, as long as there aren't 2 enhancement shaman, I should be fine. Not to mention who I could arena with. Personally, I'd like to have a pally. I think they don't do the damage, but they sure are good at support and can throw heals. I'll have UA, so healing the other team will become a deadly proposition. Not to mention I'm lowly 63 with 413 shadow damage, I've seen people in the thousands on that. I'll be there, and it'll be ugly for any who oppose me.

So I'm saving money again, for another mount.. again.. Fortunately everything that is in AH is all big weapons, and a little armor (crafted), so there really isn't anything to blow it on. Now Alts.. thats a different story. I MAY be putting a spellpower ench on my shaman for wsg(19), but not before dwarf gets his +15 agi. These are big money ench's and not taken lightly for me anyway. I just don't know if the spellpower one would really matter to zenior. I mean sure 40 is a big boost, but c'mon.. he's not half the twink I wanted him to be. Course I constantly leave off Felorinn (my rogue), who is in desperate need of cruel barb and the defias chest. Will I keep her in 100% defias? probably not. But its good to gauge damage with initially.

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