Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kara, reloaded

While I had been in kara before it was kind of a total misfire. The group had cleared up to curator, and was trying to pass him.

Last night, on the other hand, rocked out. I was in with a destro lock (I think, can't remember name now for armory check) and a mage (guildie). The rest were a total mystery.. well the healer was also in the guild with me.. but the rest were complete idk's. We had no pally (which was horrible according to the group but I don't know wth they are talking about), but we did have a shaman (resto I think), and a boomkin.

Ok things I've learned: Most locks raiding have better +dmg than me, so I do CoShadows to help them out more. Good side: It increases their damage at the cost of my own.. Better side: Boomkins use an arcane spell all the time (spamming for big dmg) which also is buffed by curse of shadows.

I used my grinding macro which does a cycle on each target starting with: UA, Corr, CoShadows, Siphon Life. Most of the time I didn't put Siphon life up till we were on a boss fight, but the rest stayed the same. I kept my dots up.. Did my best damage I could spamming soulfire when I could, and shadowburn when I can too. So I had to drainsoul on some trash to get some shards.. big deal.. Personally, I think I did well. Draining soul seems to drop my DPS significantly.. but it helps for boss fights where I need to burn shards like there's no tomorrow.

**Sidenote, the other lock didn't have the super health stones.. So the party got 2 healthstones each.. and I was LOVING it.

We went past Atumen without an issue at all. I think the tank was just so good, cause I crit several times on that fight and NEVER pulled aggro (omen isn't reporting for me anymore and its bothering me, but apparently not enough to try to fix it). I was hoping to get the mount of his, but no such luck (it didn't drop).

Then we went to Moroes. This was a neat fight, as there were big mobs of non elites who enjoyed getting 2 Seed of Corruptions each. Needless to say those all died very fast. The Moroes fight itself was pretty weird. The guy has some buddies you gotta kill too. I, of course did my thing as instructed. I love it when people ask me if I've been here before.. if I haven't I still know what to do.. Depends on the tank and who's marking..but typically my job is "dot the crap out of the skull marked mob, then s-bolt it to death". As a lock I don't bring a lot to the table aside from DPS. I personally thought a hunter would have been good in here as I can't ever kill a hunter in PvP I just assume the pwn everything like they do me. Mages can poly, and de-curse.. healers can heal/cleanse.. Me, I just dot. Anyway that went well.. I think I got a epic belt there.. Anyway it was awesome.. and I cheered.

Then we did the Opera event, and it was "Oz". The instructions were good and to the point.. Kill dorothy, she's untankable. Then assist the MT on the Roar.. Then move on to the next guy. I am reasonably sure that the mage took out the scarecrow, as he's a fire mage.. but what do I know I was lifetapping, and dotting and bolting my gnomie butt off. I accidentally rolled on a healer wand, and was jokingly asked if I do much healing. I replied what I would always reply when I mess up and roll on something I don't want.. "reading- FTL" and everyone laughed. I hope so anyway cause it was really an accident. I think I had the low roll anyway, but knowing that I messed up bothered me.

Then, these guys are like.. hey lets do nightbane. I spewed my Pepsi One out on that one. From the articles I've read (and really I've read a few) this was one of the big deal fights of the whole instance. So I was pumped.. Plus he's a dragon.. And as a gnome I love the idea of killing a dragon. We wiped 1x here, and it wasnt' my fault (which is usually my main concern) but then we took him down no problem. He dropped some goodies but none that I could use, unfortunately.

Then to my surprise, they say they want to take out curator. Now if you read my last entry, curator was fubar before. So I was a little antsy about going there again, but this group seemed to know wth they were doing so why not. Anyway first time out we downed him no problem. Of course, the big difference to ME was that we had 2 locks doing curse of doom for like 24k dmg a pop during each evocation. I forgot to do the improved doom, but hey.. we downed him.

So, in kara I need to have experience getting down:
  • Maiden of Virtue
  • Shade of Aran (I really want to take him down)
  • Netherspite
  • Prince Malchezaar
  • Ilhoof

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