Thursday, August 30, 2007

PvP problems, and arguments

I love my guild. I love my guildmates. They tolerate my goofiness, and generally reflect it back as much as possible. To me WoW is a game, a good game to sit into and relax for a while, while doing some wicked cool things. It also gives me a chance to socialize with typically like-minded folk from around the world.

That being said I had an argument last night with a guildy. I don't think we got "ugly" or anything, but we were clearly at odds with our perspectives. The standing was, I was complaining that I seem to be in more loosing bg's than winning. The response was that since WoW PvP was basically ruined, PvP would perpetually suck.

His arguments were these:
  1. In the "old days" people toiledover PvP all the time, pushing their skills to the utmost, where now ppl just jump in for their 30 marks and then move on.
    1. Rebuttals: These people had been (in most cases) playing for a long time, had main characters to provide gold to buy expensive enchants, and possibly were in raiding guilds that supplied even MORE funding/materials to "twink" their character to its utmost. This is great, but as a non twinked, non assisted character that loves to fight, I am inevitably gimped as I haven't got 300g to buy all the best crap and enchant it with the uberist of uber enchants. So I loose. There's almost no scenario when a guy in greens, can stomp a guy in all blues/purples, with wildass enchants on their stuff. I mean, I have managed it before, but to go into a battleground against 10 of these guys is a nightmare for normal folk.
    2. I aggree that people do this, but "twinking" still goes on, but blizz tries to match up wild ass twinks with other wild ass twinks. Thus making an EVEN game, unlike before. Now people do a bit of PvP for gear and then move on leveling. While not as financially rewarding as farming lower instances (I mean really, find assassins blade a few times and you can get an epic flying mount!), PVP is more fun. So many people choose this option. Which is fine with me. I am on a "main" character, and I don't have a dumptruck of gold waiting for me on a lvl 70 guy to just feed my gear wants/needs. Nor do I beg/cry/whine for guildies to run me through higher instances than I should be in, just to get the uber-est gear. This would gimp me even today. Now I'm not saying I suck, cause I really don't. I fight, and kill more "Marshalls" and other PvP ranked dorks all the time. I'm no easy target for ANYONE. Unless a rogue gets off an ambush on me, I never get killed 1:1 without taking the other guy with me ( I actually will stay at my body for a sec just to watch them drop).
    3. I disagree that this is a problem though. People want their gear as fast as they can get it. So there is more of a PUSH to get that honor, to get that mark so you can turn em in and get your gear.
  2. (I insulted him, unfortunately by this next rebuttal though) He said that there was a "right" that earning that stuff in the past served you with IRL prestige for doing the battles and getting all the honor saved up
    1. First of all, to do it in "the old days" you were required to do a LOT of PvP, and win a LOT. Plus the honor degraded. Get the flu? you loose honor in that time frame, that you have to make back.
    2. The sheer weight of getting to marshall or whatever was immense. It required, not skill, but TIME. Massive amounts of consecutive hours of gaming in PvP. This is a known thing. I referred to these individuals as "ppl with no lives". It was wrong, and I regret it. But seriously, if you can play for 24 hours in 3 days, you don't have a life. Its just too much to be realistic. Not saying those people did that, but they had to do close to it, just because of the expiration/degradation of the honor points. This is when he got his feathers ruffled..
      1. he told me he HAD a life, and (didn't say if made it to marshall tho) thought those with ranks EARNED them. I aggree they earned them, but the goal was unrealistic. According to blizzard, the PvP system was put in to provide rewards for more casual gamers than Raid players. There is better RAIDING gear in RAIDS. But the PvP gear was a reward from donig PvP only. I remarked that these "ranks" were outdated and meant nothing. As the person could have been a marshall at one time, but then the system changed, now they are permanent marshall, even though I spanked them 4 times till sunday in battleground, my guy is a "private" (my only pvp rank for only 1 character) and theirs is a higher rank. Rank is a privelage, true.. but to say that this joker with a big rank is better than me at PvP is BS. He isn't. We can dual all day long and he'll lose. Well probably. Some guys out there are good. But some guys just beefed up rank and then got to keep it. The next expansion would be a good time to remove the ranks altogether. While this will upset some, I think its a worthless/meaningless badge of times gone by. I choose not to show my "private" rank, mostly because its not attainable anymore.
  3. He wanted the PvP ranks to return.. mostly for ranking purposes
    1. I'd actually like this. So long as the honor doesn't degrade over time, and you don't LOOSE honor for being a casual gamer.. Oh and don't put me in a room of ultra-uber guys and expect a fair game. Really I've been the aggresser in unfair matches, and I know its fun to annihilate someone, but I've also been the guy 4 rogues with flaming and other associated enchanted weapons run down to kill in WSG. So having lived both sides of the equation, my vote is to keep the grouping setup the way it is, and why not bring back ranks? Or maybe just ranks for 70's guys in arena, ya know?
So I was basically unruly, and he, like me, thinks that everyone that disagrees with him is a dingleberry. He's a higher level than me, probably on several characters, but I continue to maintain, having 20 lvl 70's on a bunch of servers doesn't mean you are better than a first timer. I've been schooled before, and I appreciate the chance to error check myself in how I could have done it differently. I also keep a list of folks that are really good in PvP on Horde side. I use this to scale how I'd setup my character from that class, etc. As far as locks go, I haven't seen anyone special. All locks have their purpose.. Demon locks are good for using demon tricks, destruction is a mini-mage with dots.. and affliction pwns them all!! hehe. In PvP, I think destruction has an advantage.. in grinding, I think affliction has the advantage, and ths split difference is demon locks. I LOVE banishing lock pets when they are running around. its almost a hobby. I don't rely, nor do I need my pet.. in PvP I have my mana battery, oh I mean my Imp out. I could use my Succy to seduce ppl, or my VW for the shield, or even the felhunter to all but neutralise casters.. but I wanna do the damage. Just like with my hunter, my pet was there to help me, not to kill them. I was marksman. My pet was a tank to have you attack while I sent an aimed shot for 700 at your head. People play different ways and thats fine, but thats what works for me.

If you are my guildy, and you're mad at me.. Please confront me. I don't mention names as thats dishonorable, but if it was you, you know who you are.

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