Friday, February 22, 2008

"Buddha provide"

This is a quote from the Karate Kid movie.. Basically if you can't place it, as most won't, Daniel-san is getting ready for the tournament, and Mr Niagi stole him a black belt. Upon noticing he had no belt he (daniel) was put off.. Then Niagi puts the belt on him, and he says

"Where'd you get this? Where'd it come from?" - Daniel
"Buddha provide" - Mr Niagi

Basically all that bull to tell you that somehow.. I've been included on 2 (not 1, but 2) raids in wicked higher rated places than I think I should be. How? Buddha provide.. meaning I don't know and I'm not asking.

Wednesday night the guild was needing 1 dps for SSC. I sent the raid-leader a tell asking simply "I'm not in even kara gear.. is this over my head?"

He had the most awesome response ever... "**** invites you to join a group".

So I didn't get to see Leo, or lurker.. which is a bummer. I'd heard from Megan (Out of Mana) that leo was a wicked awesome fight. Apparently my guild has no issue schooling his blind butt, but the only 2 bosses I got in on was Fathom-Lord, and Morogrim. I got all hot and bothered about the T5 pants token that dropped... Why I don't know as this was my first real raid (kara is mostly being pugged so I don't count it anymore) and I couldn't possibly be the only one who wanted/drooled/lusted for these pants. Well of course one of the more frequent guildies got them, which is only right. I mean I was in 1 raid.. why should I get something when a more consistent member could get them and use them better? I wanted them though, and I'm reasonably sure that the master looter didn't take me being a noob into account. He might have, but seriously why bring me if I'm not up to the "dance"?

Anyway logged on last night feeling happy about the previous night's raid (I got a necklace off morogrim), I was ready to commence the long grind of honor in AV. Suddenly same raidleader (he's also heading the guild at the moment) sends me a tell "wanna fight solarian?" I peed a little.. but said hell yes.. and asked him if he wanted me to respec (I'm still sl/sl, which is moderately poopy for raiding).. He said I'd be fine, and that as long as I had>8k hp I could come. I have 11k buffed, so I /danced again and went in. The hope would be that the Void Star Talisman would drop, and since I was the only lock who wanted it.. it would be MINE! The fight was long and kinda lame really. I didn't find it challenging, and I didn't find my dps at all remarkable. I did help with the priests who heal solarian by putting CoT on them to slow their healing while the other lock did curse of elements to help mages burn them down (they have the talent anyway that improves the dmg bonus from that). The AoE mobs that come out in groups were lame too.. hit #3 on my keyboard (macro I made that changes target and then casts seed of corruption). so I hit the right keyboard arrow key, and 3.. a lot. The fight took a long time (a testament to my piss poor raiding spec (sl/sl is breaking my heart now..). I'm not saying "the mighty mcgoo could solo this guy".. just saying.. I have 3 dots. And one of them was put as curse of elements to help the mages (not sure why the other lock didn't do this since they had the talent.. but I did as told). So that leaves me with siphon life, and corruption. So my dmg on Solarian was just a smidge above corruption dmg. I was missing my shadowburn and improved shadowbolt.. and REALLY missing my UA and all the yummy goodness that comes with that. As an affy raiding lock I had 4 dots I could apply before spamming my "improved" shadowbolt. Now I just had 1 (siphon life takes a while, and does poop for dmg). I think I should next time (if there is one) equip my skyguard trinket to gimme a pinch with crit/dmg.

So ask me.. how'd I get into Tempest Keep, and Serpentshrine Caverns...

-buddha provide

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