Monday, February 11, 2008

Playing Hookie

This weekend I logged a little over 5 hours playing Warcraft. Most of the time I spent... was on alts.

I call this playing hookie because I secretly KNOW there are things I can do on Mcgoo to increase his mojo, and his epic-ness. I know it. I know I can spend about an hour (slow) to make about 60g. I KNOW this. I also know that if I do this I inevitably end up standing and cursing at the battlemaster for not letting AV pop sooner. Again, I KNOW this.

I really want to have more guys to play around with though. I mean I have a decent bank of gold on Mcgoo, not even 2/5 of what a epic mount costs, but good. Everything seems like such a hassle though. I play the same dailies.. I pound out my 60g.. During the week this usually means I'm tired and I go to sleep. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself.. But like I said.. I want to do NEW things. I tanked VC with my lvl 15 druid.. (yeah.. really), I ended up wiping the group cause I couldn't hold aggro or take the beating I should.. Still though.. 15! He's now 16 so he popped up one level. Then I thought I'll just res and run in the front, which shortly there after I remembered res-sickness. Noob mistake, and I was pissed. However, I had Brepalan (my favorite toon ATM) sitting and ready, and a bit higher in level. So I pushed him in there and we made a good go of it but I had to go (Brepalan is now 18, and loving it).

Then to mix things up I pushed my rogue up to 18. Its not that hard really with my rogue. I have plenty of mojo to deal with people its more or less just a pain to use her cause she gets hit (unavoidable at this point) and then I gotta eat.. I enjoyed pick pocketing though. I am reasonably sure that I am going to make her my herbologist for life, and some alchemy. I think my druid will also go alchemy but without the icky-ness of herbology. I hate mining, but I love it. I see herbology as being about the same, only without making money (till I can transmute.. then.. HOLLA!)

So Rogue to 18.. pally to 18.. Who else.. hm.. Oh my Priest (healyoself) got up to 21! So I popped into the 20's just a bit. Healing is so much fun, I really enjoy it. For some reason though there are 900 preists running around now. Wasn't one my whole way up to 70.. but now.. there's a ton of em. This has been a fun time leveling these guys up this weekend, but I don't know how long I can turn down 60g a day until I go back to mcgoo for an epic flight mount. Of course if I fall in love with my druid, I could just get a freebie on the flight form.. ROFL

Just today though I was thinking of a respec to SL/SL just to horse around with in PvP... hm... more news on that tomorrow I guess

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