Friday, February 22, 2008


After being in raids 2 nights in a row, SL/SL was breaking my heart...

Then I went into Eye Of the Storm. I don't remember, win/lose.. But I did well. Scratch that, I pwned ppl. I shut down healers, I shut down mages.. It was a marvel. For some reason that night, that battleground I was a baaaaaaad-gnome! I was with 3 ppl from the guild, one of which is a frost mage (he's a much better player in pvp, has the gear to prove it too). I did my normal "let others run in first and come up from behind and eliminate a healer or mage". Problem was.. There were shammy's and mages.. and everything.

I say problem because I have only 1 felhunter. I was all over them though. Shammy was healing so he got locked out of nature for a few seconds and his buffs removed.. only then to lock out the frost mage on the other side of him and remove HIS buffs. I say this because that is the fun part.. I hit my insta-dots and started draining the shaman's life immediately. Shamans are kinda predictable here, they will almost always try to heal themselves. Well, as one of my buddies is the best resto shaman I've seen I know that if that heal gets off.. I'm probably toast. So I do what any good lock does to keep a caster busy.. I Deathcoiled him. While in deathcoil the final bit of curse of agony took hold.. Which if you don't know is when it REALLY starts to kick you in the teeth. Mage was now back to trying to hit me with frost bolt (meh..) so he got feared (undead mofo popped right out tho).. So while all this is going on I put corruption anew on the mage and started casting fear. He Iceblocked to stop this. Which is what I wanted. Him not hitting me so his healer could die. Sure enough the healer was at 2% or so, and casting another freakin heal.. my felhunter was too far off to lock him so I put curse of tongues on him and drained that mother for all he was worth! So I killed him, then the mage popped out and got pwned by me and my felpuppy. He was good, but I made him IB too fast and he lost his advantage. People do this a lot in pvp.. they do things that are better for THEM as a player but deminish the team. Had he kept on I'd have killed him but the healer would be back up to full and would have won due to me finding I was OOM with a shaman ready to hit me with a windfury weapon (if resto's get that, anyway I don't know). Basically I would have died, and the horde's offensive on the mage tower would have succeeded as they had their healer back and their "rediculously overpowered tauren warrior" was spanking the whole lot of the alliance. Yara (the mage I told you about on my team) was rooting and rolling with the guy and doing decent dmg but a druid was popping hots on him.

So he survived long enough for me to kill both of them, congrats on the selfish move not paying off. So then I turned on the warrior. My felpuppy is more of an annoyance than anything else.. or is he? He had blessing of might and fortitude buff on him with something else I didn't recognize. So he lost a LOT when my felpuppy started in on him. That was my only goal. Put the pup on him and continuously remove his buffs. I dotted him and then he went wacko and charged me. He did a TON of dmg in 1 or 2 hits. I bet he's in arena cause he'd surely pwn me in 2v2, no question. Then I did what I always do when warriors charge me.. I Deathcoiled him and renewed corruption and tried fear (why not? the rage thing doesn't last forever..) Fear took, but he trinketed out. Only to find my drain life on him and a HUGE frostbolt from yara that ended his attack. Funny thing was I saw a druid run behind MT... Druids are hit/miss for me as sometimes I totally dominate them.. sometimes I never see them till I'm dead. I got lucky and he got locked out of nature when trying to cast a HoT on himself. Now HoT's overpower dot's as I'm told. However... I find that if its a feral druid.. HoT's aren't all they're cracked up to be as on a priest or resto druid. I typically in EoTS don't chase people. Typically all I wanted was to hurt them and make them leave the node. I STAY on the node. I think this is better because the longer you are there the easier it is to scout incomings, and you may remember who's coming back.

So needless to say a lot of offensive pushes by the horde were put off thanks in no small part to me. So I just REALLY did well. I made almost 2k honor in the night even with the raid.. So I called it a win. I got my pvp cape after the bg's were over. So now my pvp gear is (head/hands/legs/back). Next will be the bracer, so I can get the +15 dmg to it popped on. I have a whopping 89 av badges 31ab, 49wsg, and 19eots. So if I just had 100k honor I could buy all my crap and be done with the "grind" and get to really even fights against the uber folks in there.

Anyway.. doubts about SL/SL are and should only be, in relation to raiding. Cause it clearly overpowers casters with felpuppy in all bg's. (keep in mind I realize some ppl are better with aff/destro.. I'm just saying I've never seen a lock in as crappy of gear as mine control 2 people at once in a bg.. It happens but its usually a guy in S3 gear and full epics, which I'm not even full S1 yet)

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