Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tip Toeing into arena

Well I formed my arena team!! 2v2.

Me and a hunter buddy are now officially starting to mess with arena. So we had 5 matches last night.. Here's the rundown

  1. (means first match).. Anyway, we fought a frostmage/slsl lock. We got pwned. No reason for it, we weren't outclassed just outplayed. I died relatively quickly due to me not knowing that 1" of concrete created a LoS problem for drain life.. Lesson learned.
  2. Warrior/Healadin. Pain. Like Mr T said in Rocky, Pain. The good news was it was over quick! I sent felpuppy off against healadin, and the hunter sent pet to him also (BM spec). We pushed and pushed trying to cut off healing (simplest of all strategems). In doing so, the 800lb tauren warrior smacked me with an axe several times and killed me.. then with my felpuppy not stopping heals, my partner fell soon after. I was pissy cause I sucked.. again
  3. Warrior/Healadin. Pain, part deux. I got pwned fast again. He probably barely had time to clean that axe off before putting it up my rear again. (read this as, we lost.. again)
  4. Warrior/Healadin: Feels like we've been here before? yeah, but doesn't matter. In hindsight I wish I had put curse of recklessness on the healadin.. give my felpuppy a chance to do some damage.. and that raptor of my partner's.. maybe he'd have pushed that pally a bit more
  5. Warrior/Healadin: Ok, I realize this is getting old.. but at least you weren't getting killed. This time the group (same guys) decided.. hey that lock dies fast..lets kill the hunter. So they did.. and I died VERY fast without the pet to bother healing and such.
The problem here is.. well... theres a few.. 1) We're new.. literally noobs to arena, and it showed 2) Resilience. Other teams have it.. we don't. 3) we don't have the gear/weapons. These sound like excuses, and would be if we weren't so undergeared. I have "decent" gear.. nothing exciting some welfare epix from bg. But I don't have a respectable amount of resilience... My buddy.. He's missing a lot of stamina, and he's almost in all NON-epix (pvp or otherwise).

We'll get better.. if you are looking for us tho its "goo in your shoe" pvp

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Anonymous said...

Do not feel bad.

Warlock + Hunter is an okay Combo. Warlock is the main CC, and hunter is the direct burst damage.

The trouble is your team CANT CC Warriors... I mean warriors eat fears. And the Paladin means your hunter cant trap the warrior because it will just get removed.

So you are FORCED to attack the warrior. Attacking the paladin is a very bad idea. The only chance you have is to CC that Paladin.

And Id like to point out, he can very easily bubble and heal up that warrior.

So really the cards are stacked against you in that combination.