Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well I was kinda ruffled by a guy in a bg, who gave me crap for not being a "pvp spec" (I was almost pure affliction).. I admit it, he got to me. I went through typical denial, anger.. elation (I did 30k more dmg than him in AV).

In the end though I thought, I've only respec'd Mcgoo one time (ruin.. oh jeez.. I miss it still), so why not try a SL/SL spec? So I did. I was terrifically surprised. The SL/SL spec has a lot of "wasted" points in demonology that you need to get to soul link. I couldn't foresee a reason to have most of these, so I picked up the ones that may have the best utility for all around gaming.. Check my spec and see what you think.

Anyway, soul link is the awesome. You read that right, the awesome. I stay alive so much longer than I used to its just rediculous. I also (by virtue of fel stamina or whatever Tier 1 demonology talent) now have close to 10k hp.. without imp. I chose to buff up the succubus and the imp. More imp than succubus as I figured the imp would be JUST for instances now (instead of JUST for dark pact). Running with succubus buffs my dmg up to a crazy 800 (crazy as I'm not even close to all epics yet). I can only assume I'll top out about 1200 in the end with appropriate enchants, gems.. what-not. I tested my new found spec on a mage friend (Yara), he's got good resilience (not great he says, but better than me by like 2x's). And I smoked him. I smoked him without the felpuppy too. Funny thing is, now with my succubus doing more damage and actually TAKING damage for me, the old "ignore the pet, kill the lock" axiom no longer holds. My succubus can do just enough to keep you hurting while my dots tick away at you. God help you if I can drain you too.. It's like fighting a pally, you gotta practically kill me 2x's.

In closing 1:1 this spec is FAR superior for PvP. Possibly for raiding as my damage is so much higher. I miss improved shadowbolt, and I miss shadowburn the most. UA was mostly used for "hey that healer doesn't see me, lets dot him up" stuff anyway and in instances. I wonder if my damage buff ot >800 would make up for not having UA.. Perhaps I'll try that another time. As of right now I'm grinding AV for honor, and kills. My kills sucked last night, but that was mostly due to the superior groups I was falling into.

Last night scorecard - 5 AV's... 3 wins, 2 losses. This is actually what allowed me to get my new pants (generals dreadweave) for Ole Mcgoo.. So BIG stamina increase, dmg increase.. and 30 resilience to boot. Next on my list I think will be the cape, then rings, then bracer, then... the staff.

If you are wondering why I'm not going for full BG gear, its cause I loose so much damage from getting rid of FSW that I don't consider it an option. I may rejewel my gear to buff stamina constantly and ignore the socket bonus' to try to make up for the lack of stamina on FSW. The damage is not something I am willing to loose tho.

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