Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Running around again

Well even though I have a mere 100k honor points to grab so I can go full epic and mostly PvP, I have some buddies that need to be pushed up in levels a bit. This being said, it is almost painfully boring to do PvE after you've had the ability to down 2.. sometimes 3 people in PvP. Those were PEOPLE, not mere AI entities. The sport of which is pretty important to me nowadays.

So last night we (myself and a buddies lvl 50 warrior) pushed up to everlook, through felwood. I quickly realized I had never finished my infernal quest. So I picked it up. I figure if I get on before him tonight I can push around and do this really quickly. I mean it was meant for a lvl 50 lock to do, and I'm a whole 20 levels above that. Higher in HP than most raiding tanks pre BC, and more +dmg than possible before BC also. Surely this won't be a problem. I say this because I want you to realize I'll run into a problem, as sure as the sun will rise.

Tonight on the agenda is schlepping some lowbies around and grinding out their XP. I figure we'll do RED quests only so that we are maximizing total XP per hour. I usually only have the mental ability to stay awake for a few hours a night to play. This being said I will want to do my 3 quests in Blades edge as they are much more profitable than the 2 in skettis. My biggest hope is my badge of tenacity might sell and net me over 1k gold. I spent a lot more than I should have to get my last enchant. I did no farming, no planning. Just decided I wanted something and I bought the mats. It cost me dearly, and I don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon. The next enchant will be for my bracers (+15 spellpower). These mats will be farmed, as I don't find them to be terribly hard to get anyway.

After that the only remaining enchant I'm interested in is soulfrost. This is a biggy. GREAT biggy actually. It will mean +50ish dmg to shadow/frost spells. This coupled with the knowledge that I will not get this enchant until I have the appropriate marks/etc to get the pvp staff. The staff alone alots me +75 dmg.. couple that with the enchant and you see that this is going to change Mcgoo from a storm to a tornado. At least that's the hope, anyway.. I figure that the PvP staff should be good enough for a long time in PvE.

I wonder so many people argue PvE vs PvP gear/talents, etc.. I have (as a lock) yet to see a difference aside from +hit, +penetration, and +resilience. My guild, although not the best in progression, is doing really well and is in tempest keep. Of the locks they are using (and successfully, by the way) none of which have big numbers in any of those categories. The highest at this point is 100, on an affy lock with 5 in suppression. This is almost what I had before I made my FSW set and started pushing out in PvP. I had no problem reaching those numbers and assume I wouldn't again if the need arose. I just can't get into the runs I need to go through to get what I need. My PvP gear makes running heroics foolish (my gear is better, as is).. and mostly my gear is better than kara stuff. I know I need to push at leat 5-6 heroics... if nothing else just for badges so I can get my silver crescent icon trinket. Its the best trinket I've seen for locks.. till.. well its the best I've seen period.

Anyway.. aside from getting my buddies leveled up 2 levels at least, the next several nights will be mostly a wash. With any luck though we'll find a few bobbles to sell to cover my repair bill and maybe enough to repay a helpful mage for dumping some mana biscuits on me. I do so much dislike using my +dmg or +stam food for goofing around in lower areas. I need to clean out my bank so I CAN have a ton of foodstores/trinkets to hold on to. Right now I have 3 bags full of bolts of cloth, that I may need again.. someday..

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