Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Honor grinding.. still

Well I hear a spitting of slurs about "welfare epics" regarding bg gear.. All those people can BITE me. My semi welfare epics got me into 2 pretty competitive raids WITHOUT kara gear. So eat me.

In the end I'd like to roll in Tier 5/6 and have a set of PvP gear to get down and dirty with people of the opposite team. As of right now I have 1 (thats ONE) gear set. The major differences are:
  1. In PvP I equip a spellstone instead of a wand for dot removal
  2. I have a pvp cloak and a pve cloak.. PvE has better dmg but no resilience.. you see where that's going
And that's it. I basically have 2 cloaks, thats my whole pve vs pvp setup now. I wanted to get into bg's last night and push another 3k honor in a night (which is, the awesome.. just so you know). Unfortunately the mongoloid mouth breathers were playing last night and I had ppl dancing on the dun baldur bridge while horde ran past. I realize I can report them as AFK if they are, in fact.. afk. I wish there was a button for "report as not really playing" which would kick them from the battleground and automatically sell all their gear and bank belongings. I hate that crap. Look, I realize that the horde come in with Force and it can be daunting to stand there and die 4-9 times while keeping the bulk of their forces at bay. But it is the game.. You have to. Or you shouldn't play. That is just how I see it. So I ended the night with my only win being AB (we stomped them that game.. all PUG on our side.. didnt' check theirs) .

AB last night. Sketchy at best. I played 2 times and won 1. We stomped them to the point that a pally/shadowpriest/me were graveyard camping the horde at their starting area. We didn't keep them all in there.. we didn't try. What we did do was recycle them a bit and frustrate their game plan. Putting me next to a shadowpriest is almost always going to mean 2-4 people getting killed at a time. Couple that with a pally (who are ridiculous to fight as they take FOREVER to kill), and what you have is 3 people with an occasional hunter helping out just smacking down horde. Having a felhunter on a priest then popping curse of recklessness and having a mm hunter aimed shot the guy means he dies. They had a lot of shaman who put up some good heals/totems. They pushed us out of the gate on a few occasions, which didn't really bother me cause I can run in.. dot the folks that just rez'd and then run back.. (LOS, for once on my side). The real issue was what I ALWAYS have issue with.. pally/warrior. Well, I really hate pally/hunter duos. This team was pretty slick, I have little doubt that they were in an arena team also as they worked together well and switched targets well. I called burst on the pally and we immediately pounded him while he was casting a big heal. I put the felhunter on him and all my dots then waited for his life to get critical.. And just when I'm sure he was going to bubble/heal. He got deathcoiled. Just enough to let the dots tick another few ticks and me to get off a shadowbolt. As suspected, this gimped the warrior as he wasn't on cloud9 with heals. My pally team-mate took him to school on that go round. Well I gimped him with weakness and put corruption on him to help bring him down. Typically a warrior with equal gear will kill a pally if he misses his bubble/heal. That is unless he has had his dmg output gimped a bit (weakness, shadows embrace), and has corruption on him. Oh and the pally is in S3 epics himself. I'm pretty tired of pally's due to the spanking I get in arena. I'm hoping to get back in and tell you how close I came to killing some folks. I think I'm getting better here/there.. but at this point nothing serious enough to matter.

All in all, crappy night. I missed my honor goal for the evening, but I DID get my gold from dailies. So I'm inching closer to 5k gold.. just at a snails pace.

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