Friday, February 15, 2008

Welfare Epics

I try not to rant about personal opinions TOO much here.. But...

Last night as I was doing the push to get the rest of my pvp gear (non arena), someone in guild chat.. GUILD CHAT stated that...

"I don't understand why someone would bother trying to grind for honor/badges instead of just getting in a crappy arena team and pouding out their 10 weekly.. Stupid welfare epics.. So we end up with all these posers who don't know how to play with "leet epix" in bg/arena getting schooled cause they don't know how to play"

I wanted to say so much.. SO much. That not EVERYONE had access to an arena team.. That most of those hose-brains in true Leet Epix are already IN arena teams.. That not everyone wants to come in and loose for 6-8 months so they can have the gear they needed to succeed 6 months ago.. Probably just in time for new gear to come out and the truly elite arena battlers get their gear first (since they have the best gear already, they grandfather in and overwhelm others lesser geared) This is what I call the vicious cycle of PvP.

  1. get into pvp
  2. die a lot cause everyone has "raiding epix" (which are better than non raiding blues), or pvp epix
  3. slowly grind your way up to get the epix yourself so YOU can school others
    1. realize that new gear has just come out, and those uber folks, just got complete overhauls..
  4. repeat step 1
I don't see a cure for this really. I mean I guess Blizz could coral the people.. the "sometimes" PvPers.. and the "I have nothing else to do aside from delete my excess badges in av/eots/ab/wsg while I wear my leet season X epix".

My issue with this is there is almost no middle territory. There are those totally decked out, and those who work towards it. I'm not hating on you PvP-wild folks.. just saying, how is it at ALL fair to have you compete with me in my "welfare epix"? I've heard its "skill not gear", if this is the case.. drop your purps and put on some blues.. and lets have a go.. I thought not.. chicken! Its gear and everyone KNOWS it. The warriors with the big mace from arena with executioner KNOW its their gear. They KNOW when they hit a non epic'd person, they will most likely die. KNOW. I just wish, if perfect world and all, the un-epic'd got extra kudos for hanging with the crazy pvp'ers.

I'm good at PvP. I'm not the best, nor do I want to be. What I want is to make a lot of gold, and in my spare time, have 100 badges for all bg's (getting there, slowly.. except eots).. Have a set of total epic gear for PvP and required enchants.. I'd like to raid more, as I think as a warlock, I'm best suited for this, but raids are becoming hard to find at my level of gear (again.. gear). I've ran most of kara 2x's now (I have the belt to prove it!) but still no shade/prince/maiden. I realize that this is basically a stopgap and that worrying about this PRE expansion is fruitless. I saw how fast my guild shot their 60's to 70's and started raiding.. My goal is to have reasonable gear (even if just pvp) to jump in and push to 80 with them so that NEXT round, I get to go do some cool stuff. I fear this round is coming to a conclusion anyway, so farm your mats.. stockpile nethers and be ready for the push forward people!

And if anyone says crap about my "welfare epix" they can try to 1:1 me.. TRUST me, they'll loose (I never loose 1:1.. even to the wacked out warrior in crazy lightening bolt gear.. I die.. but so do they.. more of a draw)

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