Thursday, August 30, 2007

Build woes..

Well I've been doing some planning. some scheming and some plotting.

What I WANT, is Unstable affliction. Why? cause it sounds cool, and its an extra dot that has some punch to it if you even TRY to get rid of it. But I do a lot of farming for leather, etc. And for my 2 cents, massive taunt with VW, with siphon life and corruption on all, followed by a run in and hellfire means I take down up to 6 mobs at level. Which is GOOD. But what's bad is, there is a talent to improve upon my hellfire/soulfire/rainoffire abilities in the destruction tree. Its a 2 tiered talent, one decreases chance to interrupt, the other gives chance to stun. Personally, I love the idea that I might stun all 6 mobs I'm hellfiring. I think it would mean, more damage to them, less to me.

My issue is, of course, that I can't have BOTH of these abilities. To be more precise, I don't think I can have RUIN and Unsatable affliction. Ruin, is just a must for me. Personally I don't want it in raids, just because I think a massive damage hump coming from me would be a thing that would make a freakin-huge dragon come down and eat me. So that's a concern. BUT for solo, the only time I use destruction spells are for hellfire, and for my nightfall shadowbolt proc. and if nightfall goes off, and I can deliver a bigger punch in the stomach to the enemy.. I'm down for that! I really don't know which way to go. Ruin is awesome, don't get me wrong, but I am what used to be called a SM/RUIN lock, so I do a crapton of damage, on everything I do. I would like the extra DOT to help drain more life off of tough guys, and to really help in PvP (dispell it NOW shammy!!) Healers are my favorite target, them and shadow priests. Shadowpriests cause they try to beat me at shadow damage, and I serve them up with an apple in their mouth. I started a priest with the SOUL intention of making a shadow priest. And I'll tell you, if you solo a priest up to level 40, regardless of spec. You have my deepest respect as a player, as it is Terribly, terribly, mind-numbingly boring. Priests are only REALLY good at healing. Everything else they can do "ok". They have an armor buff for themselves, fort buff is great too.. spirit for some abilities they have to give more mana faster. In shadow form, there are some good things they can do too.. I just don't see the issue. If you're on Medivh server with a 59 shadowpriest, send me a email and we can arrange a dual. I'd just love to go against a good one and see how much is hype, right now it seems ALL hype.

Back to my woes.. I'm going to put up a poll, I wanna know if you think UA, or RUIN is a better way to go.

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