Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Alterac Valley sucks

Now I know this is a flame for a post title.. but seriously..

All I've ever heard was "alliance pwns in AV man". Well apparently I manage to end up in the retard group every time and loose terribly. Now Ive been in 3 times, and consider myself a basic noob, but the mechanics are simple. Get a graveyard closest to the opposing side HQ. Then mass troops.. storm in. Kill everything(there's a way to do this, I know.. but its still the point).

The "general" is a raid lvl boss. What this means is I can't solo him. What it also means, to me, is that we need at least 15-20 people to take him down with any great ease. My DOT's bring the pain. I can wind down anyone with enough time and with very little mana cost. What I can't do, is manage to get in kill all the opposers on my own. Then get the "marshals" (sub-bosses) dead.. THEN get the general. To be honest.. I'm not sure I've SEEN the general yet. What I know for sure is this. I would think an ideal group would be 2 hunters (MM spec, but with the range buff from survival), 2 warlocks (hopefully affliction), 3 healers (druid, pally, priest, shaman), and 3 tanks. The rest, to me.. is fluff. with enough healing, and a good tank (in my case I'm saying 3 good ones). Hunters should ahve their pets on attack, but not the growl(don't want aggro) and if one has a wolf, do the howl and let the tank benefit from that extra damage. Mages always seem to be a problem in a group. I get the guys who want to throw 2k crits all day long, and a good tank, can't keep aggro. So I'm biased against mages. They bring the pain, but for my taste, most bring it too early.. killing everyone (this has been the case EVERY time in AV for me). There is one guy in particular that I always get smited by in a quick fashion.. and its usually because (after reading wowwiki) someone drew aggro and he goes and kills the clothies. I've taken aggro once (but seriously, if a affl lock takes aggro from your tank.. your tank sucks).

I won't advise other classes, but affl locks in AV need to:
  1. Find a big guy
  2. stand behind him and dot the piss out of everyone he fights
  3. if the guy takes a BIG beating and is still fighting the big guy.. wand him.
This should just go without saying really. Drainlife heals, and as such seems to draw aggro. Soul siphon does good damage, but I don't like having a clear line from me to a target.. (makes me pretty easy to find if you are a sneaky SOB rogue). Also.. Affliction locks should have their imp out and keep on passive. If he dies the group takes a huge stamina cut, so him alive=group alive. If there are 2 of you, someone get out a different pet, so there isn't 2 imps sitting there.. now if one imp dies because the lock is a moron, pull yours out immediately.. actually if you see the other imp slinging fireballs.. pull yours out and put him on passive

My preference for another demon is succubus. Thats cause you can have her on defend and if someone tries to jump you.. they get seduced. If the mob you are on has a healer, use felhunter and take him out. Healers that get healing spells spell locked become cloth targets with no saving grace. Also, if you see a caster put curse of tongues on them and make sure it sticks. a healer that can't heal quickly, or at all is a worthless enemy that can be easily killed.

I forgot to mention, but a hunter with detect invisibility, should be your rear guard. Both times we got close to getting something done, a rogue came in with a few stealthed guys and killed off our big guns. Which stagnated our damage, and led to our healer overhealing.. and boom.. wipe. Rogues are a problem, thats just the facts.. Rogues and tauren druids. I like hunter the best against rogues as rogues need to be IN your face, and hunters can shoot you from FAR away, slow you.. poison you (to break your stealth), and engage. I prefer BM or SV specs for rear guard, as traps are handy, and that spirit bond thing makes BM guys harder to kill. Don't know if you see dividends on it either, but putting detect invisibility on a pet and putting that pet on aggressive, should help find ppl.. Or thats my thought.

Well if I ever WIN in AV, I'll post how we squeeked one out. Till then.. more crying that I can't get my spellblade.. WAA!!

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