Friday, August 24, 2007

Gold woes..

Man.. I have spent so much money buying up crap for my Epic mount quest I'll have to do. (walock, remember)..

I have less money than I have had since lvl 40's!! I feel impoverished! I still have to get my shards (large brilliant variety), and another 10 ghost mushrooms (thats not bad in cost though), and 1 bar arcanite.
  • Arcanite bars run 8g per on my server
  • Shards go for 7-10g PER, and I need 6
  • Shrooms seem to go for about 5g per 10
So altogether, that makes (worst case) 73g. I have 78 on me right now. Now keep in mind once I START this quest, one of the NPC's will require me to BUY something for 150g. So I basically need to raise 150g. I totally see why people buy gold now. I won't/don't, because a friend of mine told me that paying real money for funny money (in game money) was the craziest thing he ever heard of. I agree. But still.. Got a crapton of stuff you want, and don't want to farm needlessly for a month.. drop $50 and you can get it all. Of course you might get banned.. for like.. ever. I hear a lot of ppl that do this, and haven't gotten caught, so I assume that this is unlikely. I'm just saying, I understand.

I think its absolute rubbish to do all this crap and then STILL need stuff to do. Unlike other classes, Warlocks have a quest to do to get their mount. Mind you, not just farming for a while (which I am reasonably good at).. I have to GO PLACES, and DO THINGS. I don't mind the travel, but I mind pug'ing. I am always in a group of dingleberries when I group. Some have been so bad I have a postit on my monitor with names of ppl I call the "F" troop.. (get it?).. anyway they are the F'n ppl that I won't group with again.. hehe So the group aspect of #1 need a group to get an item for the pre-quest, quest. Then I need a group to go in to the place where I need to go to get my mount. And even this isn't that simple. Got to make it tothe middle of a hard instance (it sounds hard).. and then FIGHT a crapton of guys WHILE doing something else.. THEN fight the mount, and tame it (so to speak).. THEN some huge demon guy runs in and I gotta whoop him. And lets face it.. It's a lot easier to just farm.. But the lock lvl 60 mount is pretty sweet lookin. I haven't seen many that look better. (the he-man battlecat mount is cool though!) I plan on, eventually buying an elekk (big elephant the friggin dranai ride).. Why? cause as a gnome I'd look hilarious.. that's why. I figure I could run through all the quests on dranai homearea and do the cltoh quests and maybe get enough rep with them to get one.. But that'd be later....

Oh well.. back to farming and PVP!!

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