Friday, August 24, 2007

Good grief I need HOW much honor?

Through meticulous, and somewhat crazed anticipation of 59 battlegrounds.. I found some items I wanted. YEAH!! but wait..

I want some of the coolest, and bare minimum items from PvP possible. But apparently these (being purple) require a crapload of honor. Grand total required for me to walk with it all is as follows
  1. 46070 Honor points.. (notice this is #1 on the list..)
  2. 55 Alterac Valley medals (I've not done this bg yet)
  3. 20 Arathi Basin medals (I have these already)
  4. 30 WSG medals (I have 2 so far.. :( )
The medals don't seem very daunting really. Being done with #3 already. Its #1 and 2 that are keeping me nervous. I have heard reports of alliance rocking Alterac Valley hard core, which would be nice to go in and pop pop get some marks and roll out since I need so many of them. But then again, I kinda need this to last.. I need a crapton of honor points. This weekend is Eye of the Storm weekend (I think), so I get no bonus for doing this stuff as is.

I seem to PvP when everyone else is grinding, and grind when everyone else is doing PvP. So I'm always in crazy mixed up groups. I look forward to alterac valley, especially me winning bg's quick. I heard an estimate of about 150 honor per match and them going quickly, leaving a gross honor per hour to be about 1k. I can devote some hours to getting what I need over the course of next week, and maybe this weekend. My goal though is to have all of what I want or my bare minimum of my minimum.. by next week.
Bare minimum I want
  1. 20,060 Honor points
  2. 20 Arathi Basin marks (already done /cheer)
  3. 25 Alterac Valley Marks (yikes, still a lot!)
This gets me an off-hand, and a dagger that are all I'll need for a while. I'd miss the wacked out stats of the other gear I wanted, but time is time, and I need to hit 70 before ppl hit 80!!

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