Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Trials and tribulations of an alt-a-holic

I have too many alternative characters.. (alts).

The shortlist of toons is this
Medivh: Mg,Hu,Wl,Rg,Pa,Sh,Dr,Pr
Frostmane: Hu,Wl => PVP server so these are horde
Gurubashi: Wr => alliance, and haven't played in 4 ever.
Eonar: Wl(horde), Hu(alliance)

My real issue is, I want to play more on Frostmane, cause I like the folks there. But I also like the folks on Eonar (although my friends are on hiatus). The main guy I know on Frostmane is a big wig. Main healer kinda shaman (which I love the idea of). I don't really care what class I play on there, but since its a PVP server I want the ability to fend off people. I have a huge handicap with horde guys cause I think like a human, not a zombie, cow, troll, orc, or blood elf.. Their town construction makes no sense to me. I have spent MOST of my time in Orgrimmar, and I STILL don't like it. Undercity is a nightmare, and I plan to never visit. I went there once on Eonar, and it was so crazy looking I just decided.. hm.. screw this, and moved on. I will treat undercity like I do darnassus. I go there ONLY when I absolutely positively have to. And even then grudgingly. For the most part, alliance towns are spread out. Thunderbluff seems to be okay too, btw. But I notice its not well defended, so I may take mcgoo there to kick some butt someday. Anyway, I have been to silvermoon, UC, TB, and ORG. I only like Org/TB. Silvermoon is the opposite of alliance places, its TOO spread out. I feel like I run all day to get places. Its pretty, sure. I can't stand either of the new capitals.. Exodar or silvermoon.

Anyway, I like the horde races, appearances, and especially their abilities. I just can't get into their cities! I have an Orc hunter and a blood elf warlock on Frostmane, my lock is tough, and my hunter is a twink-in-the-making. (buddy of mine hookin me up, cause I don't have anyone over 20 on that server). I'm good at PvP.. I'm not perfect, I've had crap games, but for the most part.. I top damage charts and recently been topping HK charts. Meaning if I'm in your crowd of ppl, and the enemy shows up.. Mostly they die. I hope to bring that to the 19bg's on Frostmane, but I am doubtful.. Some of these twinks are SO far out there, I'm just like.. scared I won't even matter to them. There is lots I need to be doing to get things moving for all my alts, and I'm not doing much for them ATM. I'm focussing on getting Mcgoo his spellblade. Which is a horribly monotonous activity for a halftime student, father of 3, fulltime working adult. There's just not enough time in the day. I'll be off around my birthday, and I FULLY intend on whippin some butt and racking up some MAJOR honor points.

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