Monday, August 20, 2007

Mmm.. orcs taste pretty good!

Not many things on WoW are as satisfying as being a gnome, a teeny tiny guy.. wearing only cloth.. and smokin a huge orc. I have thought the irony of a little guy killing a huge character seems to be very steep, but listed among our human mentality. The "david vs goliath" kind of battle is pretty common.

Anyway, I was running around in the plaguelands fooling around with the in world PvP (capturing towers, etc). Well I ran into a tower that was flagged red, so I flagged myself so I could give it a go to capture the tower. Well then a Orc showed up. he was flagged and we both just kind of.. stopped. We looked at each other for a second, and then we turned it loose. I got zapped with that insta-fire attack mages have.. and he got curse of shadows, and then shadowburn. I don't remember his level but I smoked him, he must've been several levels below me for it to have almost killed him. The Voidwalker was hitting him reasonably well (albeit, not the demon of choice against a caster) and doing enough damage to make him worth his while. It was fun, and it was satisfying. I then ran off to go do some questing/grinding for scourgestones.. I wonder if he showed up with a 70 to smoke me? if you did, sorry.. I was just determined not to die first..

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