Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Missing my hunter more and more..

Well I am really enjoying my lock.. I mean REALLY. But the tyranny of dwarfenstuff on the battlefield has been forgotten TOO long. Classes are kickin my butt about now anyway, so I don't have the time to level a hunter again. I maintain, that I will be doing a hunter, just not now. In the meantime, the 40-49 bgs will see a resurgence of dwarfenstuff, and his pet wolf, grendal.

I've actually only spent 50-70g on updating this guy with armor etc.. But I still consider him a twink (please note, no great knothide for legs, or enchants for my 2h'er.. I was saving for that when I started Mcgoo, so its a big after thought at this point). I am mostly marksman spec'd but I deliver a lot of surprises, I have the distance talent from survival, and the rapid fire bonus from hawk aspect in beastmaster. So.. occassionally from an incredible range you'll get POUNDED, and at rapid fire rate.

If you see me out there gimme hey howdy mcgoo (even though the name in 49 bg's is dwarfenstuff) Same server, cause.. well cause I just can't leave medivh.

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