Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Arathi basin strategy

Personally, I think the best way is to control Blacksmith, Lumbermill, and stables. Keep 3 at stables at all times 1 at road to Lumbermill from stables and 1 at road to lumbermill from blacksmith/farm. You basically control a triangle. Lumbermill is great for casters and hunters for defending, as you can shoot through/around things and hold people off for a while. Blacksmith needs all 3 people there Lumbermill is basically the site that suffers. 3 at stables, 3 at blacksmith, the 2 on the roads, 2 on lumbermill. Did you notice this is not all the people you have in Arathi Basin? Good. That's 10 people strictly on defense. The rest should be mounted and always start from blacksmith using long distance viewing abilities. They should rush in and attack any node the horde leaves available. Eventually they will come, and come in MASS. Fight hard and don't worry, the 5 that run keep the game in flux when horde attack. They capture the flag of the farm/mine (farm is best). This keeps their resources from climbing if they capture a defended node. Note: once this place is captured, leave it. The only reason for capturing this is to slow the horde in resources. Immediately charge to where horde was attacking, but stick together.. clothies in back, armor in the front mets on aggressive on THEIR clothies. Take out healers first (warlocks especially, do not EVER focus.. pick each horde and dot all of them, this keeps the healer busy, and drains their mana and is pretty efficient for you). If there is more than one lock on your team they should travel together and hopefully one is destruction, one is affliction. Affliction owns PvP. They are the best team players since they can hit everyone in a crowd without a big "boom" and a jump in life(since ppl notice this and go looking for who sent the boom). Drain tank the warriors, and don't forget to use nightfall when it goes off.

This will work unless your group is all lvl x1's and fighting x9 twinks. Period. Problem is no one wants to work together.. I have been in some premades and that makes this kind of strategy very VERY effective. Me and Yara are incredible together in a group in PvP. He makes the boom.. I drain their life.. its all good. We've grouped before with a hunter a rogue and a pally.. this was really nice.. having a healer in your direct group really helps

I'll be commenting on Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley in coming weeks so stay tuned!

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