Thursday, August 30, 2007

AV woes, continued

Well got into 2 AV's last night.. and for the first time in my now 5 attempts at it, I got to SEE the horde general. So I am getting either progressively better, or the groups I'm in are getting progressively better. Either way though.. still lost both. I got a whoppin 200 honor for it though. Which is good enough I suppose. I actually don't like AV as much as WSG or AB. There is a need for a more cohesive group effort in AV, and its just never there. In AB, 3 good players can surround themselves with fodder, and hold 3 nodes and win. In WSG, if the ppl are fighting in the middle.. run on the side..

AV however has actual NPC's that are just rediculously difficult. While mostly melee (as a caster these only bother me when they come AT me), they have a crapton of healthpoints. I mean a LOT. Like a boss of an instance really. I mean most all players, even elites at my level I can solo and go through 2 cycles of dots (apply, then reapply) while wanding, or just pummeling with shadowbolts and they drop like a stone. These guys.. warmasters I think, and they took at minimum 4 applications of my DOT's (unlike most groups, I can die, and still do great damage to ppl). So regardless of who was fighting what.. I found a warmaster with my dots.. reapply and wait for him to run over and 1 shot me. There is a wild NEED for tanks in AV. Most warriors don't PvP. I don't know why, I guess its because warriors either go protection (extremely crappy damage dealing) or fury/arms (great damage, terrible survivability). Neither of which provides an ideal PvP experience. I mean I have been soloing twinked warriors for some time with no difficulty whatsoever. And even moreso with my hunter. My friend has a warrior, and he's pretty far out there. Aside from Kang (purple axe for 49's), he has ALL the purple lvl49 weps. Even has Hurricane!!. So he's insane with his damage ability, and his survivability is really high too. His problem is, as a tank, he's a melee machine. He can't out burst the rogues, but in most cases he can outlast one. Where I can solo 2-3 rogues in AB, he can mostly just go 1:1. The hard fact is, tanks are made to get beat up. So they deal good damage, and keep going. Rogues deal GREAT damage, but if you put their scenario in YOUR favor, they die.. very fast. I keep telling him he should have a rogue. He wants to 2 shot ppl and have piles of bodies around him. Anyway, Warriors are not big in PvP, except the uber wama wama ding dong warriors.. Who are usually Tauren, so I have to kill them.

THOSE guys are wild. Big friggin cow ppl running at me with a HUGE weapon almost always on fire, but some guys are really mean and have mongoose on their weps. That's insane. With a big honkin weapon, the damage (as far as I know) is based on speed. Mongoose effectively negates that and can take a 3s swing down several degrees, to where a good blue would have been in speed. So you end up with a guy basically with a melee form of a rapid fire Howitzer. Anyone with mongoose gets deathcoiled, thats just my rule. They get dotted with corruption (my big spell) and then feared.. warriors can break fear pretty easy, but you can always hope. If you get "IMMUNE" I put curse of exhaustion. I improve the curse so it lasts longer on them too. I figure if I can't slow down their swing with their uber enchant on it, I can slow down their travel ability for a while.

So all in all.. decent honor, even if I lost..

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