Wednesday, August 22, 2007

PVP this week

Ah, the joy of kickin butt in Arathi Basin.. Well it would be if I had the heart to turn off the Battleground chat.. Alliance folks seem to LOVE to complain.. complain about not enough ppl here, too many there.. don't fight here.. fight there... and the ever present condemnation of a lower level character with no HK's to be seen in armory, referring to everyone as a "noob".

Pathetic. You know, I really enjoy the abilities I have as an alliance character. I REALLY like the sense the cities make to me.. But I am just a hair away from saying screw the alliance and just only do PvP on Horde side (whom I've been told do not complain like old women for the WHOLE battleground). There is always at least 1 guy running his mouth about "Thatz why alli always loose ab".. This done 3 minutes in, and when alliance is in the lead.. Sometimes my temper takes over and I give these teenage morons a good "talking too". I typically just take it all as just people being stupid and inexperienced, but thats just most of the time. Not ALL the time.

Typically I find when Alliance looses its because we have 90% of our people at 2 places.. (you need 3 nodes under control to get/maintain a lead). Or it can happen when you are fighting against all x9 level horde, and you have a few x1,x2,x3's. Not saying "don't come here.. grr" (some people do), just saying.. stay with a high level guys. And ifyou group up against x9's and the group is MOSTLY x1's.. Expect to loose. It would be incredibly hard for a series ov x1's to take down a lesser group of x9's. Its not impossible, but it would take an exceptional x1, and a rather pathetic x9.

As a side note, in AB.. You hear "fight @ flag" all the time in chat. This is because rogues are sneaky turds and will capture the flag while you fight off 2 hunters that do not care if they die or not so long as you don't notice the rogue. I endorse groups in which a defending body has a hunter, or 2. 2 hunters are ideal in defense as one can hide and have a stealthed cat @ the flag. Hunters can slow/wear down people from a great distance.

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